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Therapist providing onsite massage on a chair


  • reduces stress and muscle tension 

  • relieves mental fatigue & headaches

  • we use a specially designed chair for ultimate comfort

  • easy to deliver anywhere with virtually no preparation time & little space required

  • performed on a fully clothed client & no oils or creams are used

  • focuses on the back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and head 

  • revitalising benefits are felt straight away

Could your colleagues do with a relaxing massage at work?

Synergy Holistic are now happy to provide a range of appointment options for onsite chair massage days in the workplace at competitive prices.


Why Onsite Workplace Massage?

Whether your workforce sits at a desk or works manually; onsite chair massage is convenient & can provide a range of benefits.

Employers often have a well being plan and budget for their staff. We have also had bookings were employees make a small contribution to cover some or all of the cost!

Therapist providing onsite massage on a chair

For enquiries please contact us

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