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HOLISTIC FACIALS are tailor-made for your skin type. The one common thread throughout the treatments is that all products are organic, natural, non-toxic, safe and ethical.

Facials are tailor-made depending on your skin type. The common thread throughout is that all products are organic, natural, non-toxic, safe and ethical.

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Just like the rest of our body, the face has a large number of muscles that can get tight and hold onto stress.  As part of this holistic facial treatment there is an emphasis is on providing a blissful massage routine that will leave your muscles feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and your skin looking and feeling fabulous.

Pressure points, Lymph Drainage Massage and Reflex areas are all employed to bring optimum results along with therapeutic oils sourced from time tested Ayurvedic, Chinese and Moroccan traditions, along with our amazing locally sourced seaweed.  There will not be a microbead or endocrine-disrupting chemical in sight!

The most popular treatment options are described below;

Rejuvenating Facial Deluxe

1 hour and 15 minutes of intensive treatment using a holistic approach.  A variety of specialist creams, oils and masks are used to stimulate soothe and nourish the skin.

Lymph drainage and specific Massage techniques, Pressure Points, Reiki and Reflexology will all be employed to create maximum benefit depending on the client's needs.

Priced at £70

Stress Release Facial

A range of deeply relaxing essential oils and massage techniques are used.  Tension and worry is eliminated in this soporific and stress releasing facial leaving the client in a deeply relaxed state. Auricular acupuncture and Reiki may also be used in this treatment if required 

Priced at £60 for 1 hour or £75 for 1 hour 15 minutes

Refelexology therapy Belfast
Reflexology treatment

Detox Facial

1 hour facial for tired, congested and problem skin; using healing, cleansing herbs, essential oils and clay masks to deep cleanse and release waste products.

Special pressure points are used to stimulate an often sluggish system. Close attention paid to the underlying cause of the disruption of the skin, helping the body to re-balance itself.

Priced at £50