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Counselling Belfast

Counselling offers you a safe, confidential place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable


Counselling allows you to talk with someone who is trained to listen attentively and to help you improve things.


Is counselling an instant cure?


It normally takes a few sessions for you to become aware of changes and improvements in your life. 


Sometimes counselling and therapy can be quite difficult at the beginning but you can rest assured that with a qualified counsellor you will always be in a safe place at the end of your counselling session.

Does it work for everyone?


Different people will get different results from their therapy experience.


Recent studies from the International Centre for Clinical Excellence showed that 80% of clients in counselling and therapy end up in a better place than those who don’t seek help.

Different approaches

Because we are all different and respond diversely, our therapist offers an Integrative approach to therapy, i.e. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person Centred and Psychodynamic approaches.


Don’t worry about the names! These are just different ways to approach your worries or concerns. Some people or their problems respond best to a CBT approach, e.g. irrational fears, obsessional compulsive disorder, social anxiety etc.


CBT is a very structured approach which trains you to think differently, thus allowing behaviours to change. Some people just need space to talk and be listened to (person centred) and sometimes we will look at our childhood to observe why we are presenting with problems today (psychodynamic).


The optimum approach for each individual will be discussed at the end of the first session; many clients benefit from a combined approach i.e. integrated.


Counselling Works

Here are a few research findings which show that counselling is now widely recognised in helping people recover from life-changing events, helps them cope with current life difficulties and provides strategies that allow them to understand and deal with future problems:


“Combining findings from a wide range of controlled trials, studies have shown that on average, counselling and psychotherapy has a large positive effect, greater indeed, than the average surgical or medical procedure.” (


“The one constant that appears in all of the frenzy of research deliberation is that almost all of the literature and research concludes that counselling and psychotherapy are effective.” (

“CBT or interpersonal Therapy (counselling) are highly recommended for people with persistent depressive/anxiety symptoms and for mild to moderate depression.” (NICE, clinical guideline 90)


Counselling Benefits

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