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THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE is a gentle treatment for Muscular-Skeletal disorders, body balancing, general relaxation, stress and tension based problems.

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The Bowen technique is a remedial therapy that is non-intrusive, gentle and effective in promoting healing, pain relief and recovery of energy. Developed in the 1950s by Tom Bowen, this therapy is reported to help with a number of conditions and can address the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It is important to note that Bowen therapy focuses on the whole person, not just the condition.

How does it work?


There have been many studies into Bowen therapy and research is still ongoing. Dr Bernie Carter and his team from the University of Lancaster carried out research on the effectiveness of the treatment of frozen shoulder. According to the study, all participants showed a significant improvement in shoulder mobility and function. By the end of the treatment, 70% of participants regained full mobility. 

There are many theories behind how Bowen treatment actually works. Many questions are raised on how it helps to prompt muscles and tissue in the body to repair and heal. Although research is still ongoing, many theories conclude that it has something to do with how the brain reacts to neural stimulus.

What does a treatment involve?


During the session you will usually lie on a therapy bed or table. The therapist will apply subtle, relaxing rolling moves across particular muscle groups, tendons and ligaments to help the body balance, repair and reset itself. A feature of Bowen is that between sets of movements the therapist will leave the room or quietly sit down and allow you to rest. The interval allows the body to make a decision about what action needs to be taken in response to the given moves

Bowen technique is a non-invasive, complementary holistic therapy suitable for most people. Clients are believed to experience energy recovery, a reduction in pain and an improvement of function.

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What can Bowen Technique help treat?

  • Acute and chronic pain with musculo-skeletal or neurological origins

  • Sports and other trauma Injuries

  • back and neck pain

  • asthma

  • fibromyalgia

  • arthritis

  • frozen shoulder

  • tennis elbow

  • sciatica

  • chronic fatigue

  • arm pain and carpal tunnel syndrome (pain in hands and fingers)

  • TMJ syndrome (jaw pain)

  • Plantar Fascitis (leg anf foot pain)

  • emotional depression and stress

Bowen Technique costs £40 and lasts 45 minutes.


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Amanda Brady

Holistic Therapist

Amanda Brady is a well-known, highly qualified and experienced teacher and practitioner of complementary therapies. She has managed, taught and practised for thirty-five years in Britain, Ireland, the Far East and Australia.

Amanda is moving on from Belfast Metropolitan College where she has taught and co-ordinated complementary therapy courses since 1989. Her qualifications include; HND, ADFHE, Acupressure Dip Hong Kong, Reflexology Dip, Aromatherapy Dip, NADA Acupuncture Detox protocol.

To book an appointment with Amanda please contact her on 07749180999

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